5) Pay close attention to grief and loss after the death a loved one.

5) Pay close attention to grief and loss after the death a loved one. Rabow deteriorated after mourning both physical and mental health, and it has increased with depression, insomnia, drug abuse, suicide and mortalilty brought in family members together. Since the observation Winker have a special responsibility and a fundamental ability to support give the profound experiences from family care. .

The documented financial, emotional and physical costs of family care giving, including increased mortality for carers Given, have the following recommendations for physicians: 1) Listen to family members and proactive advice carefully, especially if the patient is no longer able to make decisions about his or her own health. This includes sharing of data on the effectiveness of feeding tubes and resuscitation in relevant situations and explains the role of the hospice - ..After Szostak, the next step is the research on other on another great effort the path to his laboratory to create artificial, replicating RNA molecules are.

The investigators from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Jack W. Szostak led , published their results of on the 3rd September 2004 issue of the magazine Subjects. Szostak and first author of Irene Chen, the two out Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard Medical School, However studies with a name of Richard Roberts from the California Institute of Technology.