8 Importance Ways to Make Your Eyes Clear

As the most famous saying goes, “Healthy eyes are the windows to the world”, isn’t this true? Vision is the most important part of our daily life. Studies show that regardless of age, one in three individuals in average has visual impairment, and going for eye surgeries like cataract surgery and Lasik eye surgery. Some eye problems may be taken care through our lifestyle and good habits and some of them may be checked by eye doctor.

There are many ways but Basic Health Talk would like to point 8 Importance Ways to Clear Your Eyes where people already try and work.

a. Clean with Water
The best and the first way to keep your eyes clean and clear is to swash your eyes with water. It can be done in many ways, either washing or applying a cloth dipped in ice-cold water works. You may not listen to your grandmother’s tips, but flushing the eyes out with water and dipping the eyes into the water helps a lot in case of any kind of eye diseases.

b. Eye Drops
Eye drop is the immediate remedy that comes in your minds for any eye disease. It is like a first aid. These can be used for temporary relief of redness, burning, itching or from dryness. Eye drops are basically a lubricant and should not be used unless they are prescribed by a doctor.

Before using the eye drop, person who is doing the process should wash their hands. And it is advisable to clean eyes and dry it for a few seconds. After this using the index finger, with the head back, drop the medicine into the eyes gently. It is important to remember that the person should not blink the eyes during that period.

c. Cucumber
Cucumbers are not only to remove puffiness or dark circles around the eyes. But they also act as the best cleanser of the eyes. Cucumber is also known for its cooling nature, and thus you will feel relaxed after applying cucumber. Keep nicely sliced cucumber on your eyelids for 10 minutes, and relax yourself. Keep it until it is warm. Because of its ascorbic acid and caffeine acid, cucumber is used everywhere for treating eye problems.

d. Sleep Well
This is the second universal rule for a healthy lifestyle. Even though there is nothing much to tell about this, but this is one of the most important ways to keep your eyes clear. A proper sleep is the key to look fresh and to have clear eyes.

e. Wear Sunglasses
This is a bit modernized tip which everyone doesn’t follow. But protecting your eyes from dust is also important .

So, wear sunglasses considering that you are wearing them to get rid of your eye problems. There are a number of varieties of sunglasses available in the market in affordable prices.

f. Olive Oil Tea Bags
These are one among the easiest and handy remedies for clearing your eyes. Tea bags have the ability to reduce bacteria from the dusty eyes. Freeze the wet tea bags (green and black tea bags) before placing them on your eyelids for some minutes. Wash your face and dry it for air.

g. Rose Water
Rose water is known for its soothing effects on your eyes. Wash or rub your eyes with rose water to clear your eyes from the dust.

h. Milk
Yes milk! Take a cup of ice cold milk and apply on the eyelids very gently with a cotton ball. Or keep the soaked cotton on your eyelids for 10 minutes and wash your face.