A) CLARITY: Cladribine Tablets treating MS orallyCLARITY studyThe CLARITY study was a two-year click to follow.

A) CLARITY: Cladribine Tablets treating MS orallyCLARITY studyThe CLARITY study was a two-year , randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, international study. It randomized 1,326 patients with relapsing remitting MS according to the revised McDonald criteria2. The study participants were randomized to one of three treatment groups consisting of two different dose regimens of Cladribine Tablets or matching placebo tablets click to follow http://www.generic-levitra.org . Cladribine tablets or four treatment courses or four treatment courses in the first year, with each course, 90 percent of the of once daily administration for four to five consecutive days, the patients in the study Cladribine Tablets means for 8 to 20 days during the year. In the second year, two treatment courses were administered to all patient groups. The primary endpoint of the CLARITY study was the relapse rate at 96 weeks. Secondary endpoints included MRI endpoints measured, the proportion of skilled progression and disability progression at 96 weeks. Of the 1326 randomized patients, 90 percent of Cladribine with Cladribine Tablets treatment the study compared to 87 at percent in the placebo group.

A few examples in the Call to Action are outlined fall prevention through measures such as installing grab bars in the showers and preparing a fire escape plan falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among older adults.


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