A group of 10 specialists in vascular medicine.

VPI - CPI is a multi-disciplinary group of independent nationally nationally known experts in the diagnosis and treatment of all peripheral vascular disease, and who together to provide innovative education and research in vascular medicine and advance treatment options. In 2002, a group of 10 specialists in vascular medicine, vascular surgery, interventional cardiology and interventional radiology, organized VIVA. The National Education Course for endovascular procedures, an annual educational symposium held in Las Vegas, a highly ,, Turf neutral offers educational forum XCell study is VPI 's first clinical trial and meets the group the aim of sponsoring and test runs, the in practice for practice CPI is also to develop objective criteria for limb salvage and interventions for lower extremity peripheral artery disease, and examined strategies to deal with in-stent restenosis and acute stroke intervention focus..

Said. 'This is an important process patient care patient care, increase physician awareness and an important step forward in preventing amputation. 'of metal mesh is expected. Enroll 140 patients in 10 centers, Joye side El Camino Hospital, other centers involved in the study, and their principal investigators are:.. The study, sponsored by VIVA Physicians, and supported by a restricted educational grant from Abbott Laboratories, is the first in the U.S. To the Xpert expandable nitinol stent in the blood vessels below the knee to be evaluating. The Xpert, which Abbott Vascular Abbott Vascular Inc., is cleared in the U.S. Blockages blockages in the bile ducts that carry digestive enzymes from the liver.Has been published in today's issue of New England Journal of Medicine, the study examined the relation of the degree of obesity and metabolic syndrome where there are 439 obese, 31 obese and 20 sleek children and young people the ages of four and 20th Researchers gave participants with an standard of glucose tolerance test and measured blood pressure, plasma lipid, C-reactive protein and adiponectin levels. The team of researchers analyzed more future cardiovascular risk in this operators.

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