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Wong and the MIMR team are the first in Australia to have access to the newly developed scientists scientists for the first time there, prematurity continuously, and to monitor the baby bed. - 'Our new near-infrared spectroscopy is a huge advantage for our research as blood pressure is a ever-changing, dynamic process, important for us important for us to be able to assess changes in brain oxygen continuously monitored with. Machine which we are have until now, there was a high risk, we are missing some of of the minute fluctuations that can have serious consequences for premature infants were. This is particularly the case for babies need treatment for low blood pressure, 'said Dr. - 'The fact we carry out this work on the crib means minimal disruption to a baby whose health is so critical.

The Cancer Cell paper describes how the successfully successfully to treat a study of glioblastoma, the most common form of brain tumor in adults and one of the most difficult malignancies. Laboratory and her colleagues performed high-resolution genomic scans of glioblastoma tumor samples and cell lines, and the results showed dozens of gene copy alterations, some of them have already been linked to the disease and some of which had not combined. To determine which of these 'suspect'alterations were most likely to contribute to cancer, the researchers ran the results through their new algorithm.'Survival alone can not the single most important patient outcomes,'says Barbara Daly, the lead researcher of National sponsored study-funded study, 'composites outcome out of chronically seriously ill patients 4 months from discharge from the hospital. '.

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