A paper a paper entitled The impact of television on the willingness to treat addiction http://www.tadalafill.org.

ISU psychology professors David Vogel and Douglas Gentile cooperation with student Scott Kaplan on the study of 369 Iowa State students. It was investigated how exposure to TV shows may contribute to negative perceptions about psychological services that can lead to lower intentions to such services such services. A paper a paper entitled The impact of television on the willingness to treat addiction, which was published in the March issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychology, a professional journal http://www.tadalafill.org . Unflattering portrayals of mental health professionals.

Since dramas and comedies, the two types of shows portray portray psychologists and psychotherapy, the ISU psychologists asked respondents how often they watched TV comedy and drama shows. About the perception also asked about the perception of stigma to to assess to assess attitudes toward therapy, their intentions seek therapy for psychological and interpersonal concerns and their feelings of depression.

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