A possible correlation between metastatic breast cancer and autoimmune arthritis.

A possible correlation between metastatic breast cancer and autoimmune arthritis, , epidemiological studies, epidemiological studies has led to researchers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a series of mouse model experiments to confirm the connection seem perform. 'Epidemiological studies have suggested that breast cancer survival was significantly lower than in patients who also had autoimmune arthritis,'said Pinku Mukherjee, Irwin Belk Distinguished Scholar of Cancer Research at UNC Charlotte, whose lab led the experiments. 'There is no obvious reason this should be so, we have been exploring possible mechanisms of cancer, which may explain why may be interested. '.

Mast cells are the only 'terminally differentiated ' cells in the body, such as blood cells develop from stem cells in the bone marrow and also a c-kit receptor. Expressed suspicion of a relationship between the c-kit receptor on mast cells, and the SCF-ligand by the metastatic cancer cells, the researchers tested the effect of blocking receptor by treating the mice with an anti - c-kit receptor antibody and celecoxib, an anti - inflammatory drugs.Researchers used recent information on high blood pressure by greater than a half million adult learners, result for the risks of of heart disease and stroke hypertension hypertension. The research had also capable of of achieving accurate estimates of women in the region confirming that hypertension. As risky for both men and women.