According To GAODME Fraud In related news

Uses oversight of CMS to ensure private Medicare drug plans have anti-fraud programs in place ' risks Major use of the funds, 'According To GAODME Fraud In related news, the HHS Office of Inspector General in a final report filed is expected this week, CMS for incorrect success in the fight against Medicare fraud in the durable medical equipment industry, the Miami Herald reports to criticize .

The report noted that in fiscal year 2006 to recognize CMS that more than a third of spending on DME was fraudulent failed. Based on data from other Medicare reports, the undiscovered fraud would equal about $ 2.8 billion according to the Times. 's report found that 7.5 percent of the audit yielded AdvanceMed Medicare DME claims documentation documentation. AdvanceMed The OIG report, would have discovered that 31, paperwork butof the claims by documentation it support used had CERT (Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report.

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Extension Brain, Mind Research At Georgia State / Georgia Tech Center For Advanced Brain ImagingGeorgia State University at and to the Georgia Tech , a new center that provide researchers with around Atlanta with a committed MRI scanning further study in which mysteries of the brain and mind.

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