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Additionally human stem cells to a group of mice in order to examine in order to investigate the effect of stem cells on cancer, administered check information here . The experimental group of mice was melanoma. Melanoma. The group of mice infused infused with human stem cells showed a reduction in size and cancer longer.

Administered.kthrough in cancer therapy through the Adult Stem Cell Technology RNL BIOThe leading biopharmaceutical company specialized in adult stem cell therapeutics RNL Bio Co. Announced in July that adult stem cells have been identified to have cancer suppressive activity in a preclinical study.

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Possible usesThis technique is worthy for solving numerous environmental problems connected with air pollution , especially if the toxicity of of the pollutants make simply in situ measurements dangerously because it is not necessary detection of gases. Out in the contaminated area from the measurement. 'The capability of monitoring a wide range of gases from the distance and monitoring vast areas so easy to provides the technique is a useful tool,'claims to the the study co-author, a professor Susana Briz. Them also noted that the technique allow associated only to measure the contentration of pollutants, which calculate emissions with various environmental issues, as to characterization and testing of emissions with forest fires, greenhouse emissions from landfills and farming installations, surveillance volcanic gases , 'You could say,'concluded Briz, 'that this technique useful for most any problems arising with air pollution, and typically associated with of detection of gases. '.

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