Aligned 200 of NACO 800 HIV prevention programs for MSM.

By Jana, aligned 200 of NACO 800 HIV - prevention programs for MSM. Jana added that NACO has planned interventions 2100 campaigns for the third phase of the program, of which 600 focus on MSM. In addition, NACO is mapping the country MSM population, with results expected by the end of August, said Jana. J campaigns currently reach about 70 percent of MSM in southern India, but only 20 percent of MSM are reached in the northern states, said added that. Jana added that because the MSM community rather 'suspicious outsider ', new programs are being run by members of the in Latin American community (Sinha, Times of India.

About 100,000 of the 2.5 million MSM in India are at high risk of HIV because of multiple sexual relationships and prostitution, and about 15 percent of MSM in the country are AIDS AIDS, according to NACO estimates. Smarajit Jana, NACO program officer for target interventions, said MSM are a very high risk community in India. .FAO veterinary services of veterinary authorities in Nigeria eliminate outbursts outbreaks through immediate humanely killed and safe disposal and strictly controlling the motion human and animal and infected areas of and in neighboring countries.

Agency noted that since the initial reports on H5N1 outbreaks in Asian end 2003 nearly 200 million farmyard poultry is have died or have been killed in order contain spread. The economic damage caused for the economy the affected Asian countries about around $ 10 billion.