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Among other findings were:. $ 2995 lower socio-economic groups in low-income countries - those with a per capita GNP of less than $ 745 per year - given strong protection against obesity - the same in the lower middle class and middle-income economies of the Member ? lower economic group a systematic risk factor for obesity or about $ 2,995 per capita income was. A possible reason for the inverse association between female obesity and their family income in some lower middle-income countries is that, after a period of economic growth high energy expenditure and lack of food are not so common in these countries. Is is that poor education education and knowledge of health and more difficulties obtaining expensive, low-energy - dense foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you have less less time and inclination.

Economic growth increased women obesity in poorer countriesAround the world, obesity has become a problem for many poor women in most countries with upper - middle-income economies and even some low-and middle-income economies, includes a major new international study.The U.S.attack. Obesity of effects of asthmaThe results suggest fundamental differences in the type that overweight people who have asthma shortness of can occur.

We have significantly different in the changes showed in respiratory function that arise with asthmatic bronchoconstriction in relation to obesity, principal investigator Dr. Robin Taylor, of of Otago University in New Zealand, told in the prepared statement.