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Notes1 The MHRA with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain has recently developed an information brochure for the general public of the dangers of obtaining medicines online and also provides guidance on the safest way to buy medicine. An initial 600,000 of the leaflets in prescription bags are delivered by any pharmacy in the UK in May 2009. The RPSGB has to help an internet pharmacy logo that identifies public, if a web site operated by a bona fide pharmacy in Britain introduced read more . More information at are available. The MHRA performs a series of Internet Days of Action per year, the cooperation with international regulators take, down websites containing illegal activity. Media coverage will help to proactively pursue the public warn of online shopping and discourage operators from such illegal activity. Deterrent sentences will always looking to substantial fines and subsequent confiscation of illegitimate assets. Results against illegal websites to date the seizure of millions of pounds worth of unlicensed and counterfeit medicines, the successful prosecution of 18 and the closure of many websites. The MHRA is the government agency responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work, and are acceptably safe. No product is risk-free. Underpinning our work lie robust and fact-based judgments to ensure that the benefits to patients and the public justify the risks. We keep watch over medicines and devices, and take all necessary measures to promptly promptly if there is a problem. We encourage everyone - the public and healthcare professionals as well as the industry - to tell us about any problems with a medicine or medical device, so that we can investigate and take all necessary measures. Source: Anne McMillin University of Nevada.

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