As doctors and clinical leaders.

Meldrum:.. '. As doctors and clinical leaders, your role in dealing with the current requirements and protects the quality of patient care and help to ensure the sustainability of the NHS services will be critical. I am confident that the profession will rise to the challenge and part to help part to help. Potential negative effects on the patient However, the profession does not do it alone. - Speaking the Government planned reforms of the NHS in England, said Dr.

The government has another response to the White Paper consultation, the liberation of the NHS, a missed opportunity, the profession was to demonstrate and was was really the concern that hear many presented. Read the full message of Dr Meldrum on the BMA website.'the mosquitoes which dengue and of chikungunya bite distributed throughout the day, compared with those who spread of of malaria which are mainly from dusk to dawn. To avoid the risk of bitten, it is advisable diseases that wear appropriate protective clothing to cover up - as long as sleeve tops and pants - and use insect repellent on. In areas in which malaria co-exist and these another mosquito-transmitted diseases, protection against mosquito bites round the clock should be made including the use mosquito nets at night.