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Authors: Lauren McDaniel, Ayesha N follow this web-site . Shajahan and Robert Clarke. Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.Presentation: Tuesday, NSF WebcastEvery disaster leaves critical clues in its wake - not only on the cause, but also about how to protect the life in future emergencies. After 12 January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the researchers were able to spot within a few days to gather such evidence before they forever lost to weather, recovery and reconstruction.

Authors: Ping Fan, Helen R. Craig Jordan Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Centerpresentation. About 70 % of breast cancer patients with advanced disease are resistant to conventional cancer treatments such as adjuvant chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy. Recently thehe STAT1 signaling pathway has been identified as a predictive marker of poor prognosis in breast cancer patients and as a factor for radiation and chemotherapy resistance. We recently a selective inhibitor of STAT1 that directly binds to the STAT1 and inhibits STAT1 transcriptional activity developed. The inhibitor kills breast cancer cells at nanomolar concentrations , and further sensitize breast cancer cells to ionizing radiation, but not to effect the survival of normal breast epithelial cells. Our data suggest that a new inhibitor of STAT1 radiation resistance of breast cancer cells is decreased by downregulation of the pro - survival genes, and inhibition of DNA repair. - Inhibition of STAT1 signaling seems to be a promising strategy to overcome radiation resistance and can be used as an effective treatment for metastatic breast cancer in combination with in combination with conventional therapies. - Olga A. Timofeeval.

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Aleuron as part by ready-to-eat cereals and bread Evidence Displays potential for For Health - Wheatstone the aleuron has a new type wheat particle fraction having high level of potentially health promoting compounds of. It is important on the food processing industry the demonstrate the health benefits of food, so that consumers are can be provided foods with scientifically proven health benefits of -. This needs to effective co about the food chain the producer to processing companies, to food production, and on to the researchers physiological responses the physiological responses and clinical outcome was.