But increased mortality by 19 percent in the middle-aged smokers.

Finland, increase and decrease the the mortality of male smokers with high vitamin C intake DietarySix-year vitamin E reduces mortality by 41 percent in elderly male smokers high high vitamin C intake, but increased mortality by 19 percent in the middle-aged smokers, the high vitamin C intake had, according to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

This new study provides further evidence that in some population groups vitamin E in a much lower dose of 50 mg / day harmful. The researchers concluded that in people younger than 65 years old, taking vitamin E supplements urgently should be discouraged, out until benefit benefit some groups of younger or middle-aged people, You have also found that the effect of vitamin E on the elderly examined investigated. Harri Hemil and Jaakko Kaprio change change the effect of vitamin E supplementation on mortality of male smokers by age and vitamin C.The mere demonstration of of a chemical in human tissue samples not indicate an elevated health risk, especially since technologies extremely scientists to extremely realize small amount chemicals in which people, by of a new publishing this the American Council on Science and Health .

David Galbraith. Scientists from renowned institutions , including Yale University in and Rutgers University that peer-reviewed security. It also covers the tale biomonitoring, use the source of chemicals measure into biomonitoring, and how scientists types biological samples the individual the individual risks posed by chemicals. We are subjected regard to many chemicals - both natural synthetic - by our daily contact with foodstuff, consumer products, and sources other, said Dr. Gilbert horse, ACSH regarding Medical Director, so it is does not new, any wonder that our bodies reflected that exposure is.