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Cardarelli said. 'We usually do not come by 5 clock to collect the data required to make the rounds. Meanwhile, residents are the ones who sign the harvest all the data and spend anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes per patient to this data to that data. Moreover, given the fact that perhaps the data is to you, when residents or nurses are tired. Spelling errors spelling errors. This saves time and avoids some potentially mistakes. In the paper-based systems '.

The system is based on an invention of software to be updated frequently and displays up-to-the-minute analytical data from laboratory tests on a patient. Rhemisphere and our Blink product uniquely fill a critical need that went unaddressed for as long as anyone can remember, says Rossell. He said Rhemisphere ability of the team ability of the team of doctors to monitor the conditions at any time. Hospitals can now have a software solution which is the laboratory information and provides it to physicians in a critical care environment in a way that is clear and up to the minute, in an emergency.In particular by our public consultation exercise labor, long-term project forge a cooperation with Scottish folk to create a scientific resource for the public good '.. 'generation of Scottland the advantages of the benefits co on three fronts: First, we have a unique relationship created between all the medicinal schools in Scotland and other key research institutions, secondly we have built important bridges between the NHS and academic peers, an exciting exciting way to speed up of the research into clinical practice.