Cash and product donations from Novartis Group companies in the U.

-, Cash and product donations from Novartis Group companies in the U.S. . - Working with local government officials and third party organizations, products Email. - Novartis Hurricane Katrina Relief employee Matching Gift Program.

As of this afternoon, has almost $ 25 million medicines, medical supplies and money to assistance committed and that number is growing by the hour. Moreover, this does not total the commitment of many PhRMA member companies to match employee contributions, the support to charitable organizations in relief to be sent resumes. America's Pharmaceutical Research Companies will continue to provide drugs and money available, to fight, help homeless people in the Gulf Coast, as they have in the wake of the Asian tsunami disaster this is to be met unprecedented in American history and has a solid. Long-term commitment long-term commitment to rebuild the lives of those in front of unimaginable challenges said, Billy Tauzin, president and CEO of PhRMA, representing the parts of the hurricane ravaged Gulf Coast for 25 years as a a member of Congress..announced today II a Phase I / II clinical trials company vero -cell based candidate H5N1 pandemic influenza be tested vaccine. The study with hundreds healthy adults in Austria and Singapore using the fully disabled wild-type H5N1 A/Vietnam/1203/2004 performed. Of four different concentration of antigenic 3.75mcg order 30mcg are used in terms test with and without adjuvant a of alum. - Looking forward to clinical findings this fall the safety and immunogenicity the vaccine candidate for pandemic influenza, said Noel Barrett, Vice President Global R and E for Baxter's vaccines.