Chairman of the training the RACGP Committee.

'Many practices are now comprehensive vertical integration with medical students and registrars PGPPP all trained in our practice. This new approach will be better for the practice on the acquisition of the most important duties of supporting the next generation of GPS, 'he said. Janice Bell, Chairman of the training the RACGP Committee, and CEO of West Australian General Practice Education and Training said pleased glad the Council was in favor of this new approach..

The new method is to ensure information about GP training between the RACGP and RTP together is clear, concise and provides the best possible approach to education and training practice accreditation for Australian general practice, she said.In a study in 50 couples by identical twins with hearing, scientists uncovered evidence that hearing loss in a single region of DNA which was for to an inherited form of progressive hearing loss lot of much. Working is thought that that first genomic screening of in search of genes which his connected with hearing impairment drawn basis of a sample by older people from the general population. The 50 twins have group of twins group of twins, the veterans the Second World War and the Korean War. - point the ' 'that this region is contains a key spot on hearing among the general population,'said Terry E. Prof. For medicinal and molecular genetics at the IU School of Medicine.

The trial region of DNA of which IU, by William C. Of chromosome 3 above DFNA18 has been identified became involved to a 2001 study from hereditary deafness a major German Child. It is possible for which two studies will be facing the same gene or genes selected, with variation in the genes, leading to differences in susceptibility to hearing.