Clinical trials with over 1.

Clinical trials with over 1,000 surgically menopausal women with low sexual desire and associated distress on concomitant estrogen therapy, demonstrated a significantly increased sexual desire (p= 0.

.. Pharmaceuticals,icals Announces Results Of The Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee Meeting for Onrigin VION Pharmaceuticals, announced the results of the Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee meeting, in which therapeutic data for its lead oncology Onrigin Injection were presented for the indication of remission induction treatment for patients 60 years or older with de novo poor risk acute myeloid leukemia . The female testosterone patch called Intrinsa is for the treatment of low sexual desire in women with despair , who have experienced an early menopause after hysterectomy specified associated with bilateral oophorectomy and a concomitant estrogen therapy.[ Ii] It is specifically designed for women in this group that tormented by low sexual desire.'It was encouraging to note 90 % of households with a three-day supply of drugs , 'Bethel. Recommends, however, said If a seven-day supply of medicaments after a disaster.

Financial preparedness kits include a three-day supply with water and nonperishable food and a battery driven operated employment radio and flashlight.