Commented Nicholas Landekic.

Millions of dollars in direct costs. These efficiency we lead in developing PMX - 60056 to our structure-based drug design approach implemented Twenty minutes the ability of our experienced research and development management. '.. Highlights from Phase 1B clinical trial are: - PMX-60056 completely reversed the anticoagulant effects of heparin and normalized blood clotting time in human subjects in less than 10 minutes. - No serious adverse events were during the study of PMX - 60056th - 'We are very proud and happy to have completed this important step in the development of PMX-60056 have,'commented Nicholas Landekic, President & Chief Executive Officer of PolyMedix.

'.. The Image Guided Radiation Therapy program at Community Care Physicians was one of the first users of IGRT technology , and began imaging IMRT treatments for prostate cancer in August 2005. 'The vast majority of our patients since then had no complications after the treatment, 'Puranik. 'I could not imagine how we are on that that. But with RapidArc, we have! We can see the same results eight times faster than eight times faster than possible with our previous technology.Bilateral and Tell Tale Of Patient the risk on new, the future CancerHodgkin's disease survivors have larger genetic instability in their white blood cell count, be develop into two-and-a-half times more likely some other type of Crab, explorer in University of Texas MD Anderson reports in the in the American Association for Cancer Research Jahrestagung in Los Angeles.

###Research personnel is Sarah flow, An Associate Professor, and Andrea Cortez, Mirtha Lopez, Yun Xing , and Jamey Franklin, all the MD Anderson Department of Epidemiology.