Compared to only receive individual interventions.

Researchers found that after one year the employees who participated in the environmental weight management interventions significantly reduced their blood pressure risk and maintained a steady weight when staff at checkpoints, compared to only receive individual interventions. Are are matched matched the effects of environmental interventions to prevent obesity in the workplace measures, and we are now analyzing the first results from the second year we expect updated present findings at future scientific meetings, 'says Goetzel..

An embargo audio news conference the results of the study reported on 0900 hours GMT , Thursday, October 2004 Worldwide Media can access the audio conference call+44 20 9432. Please contact Preeti Singh and Ellen Wilson at or or+1 301 922 4969 or e - mail to RSVP and get the URL for the embargoed online press kit.Thursday agreed the FDA endocrinological and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee 9-5 to recommend to Arena highly anticipated new weight loss pill, because the side effects were thought to predominant the possible benefits: While clinical studies support was on humans no proof of an elevated cancer risks, animal studies have shown that the medication was associated for a high incidence of tumor , reported the Los Angeles Times.

The registration trial , which analyzed more than 7,000 obese and overweight patients revealed an average weight loss under in which the active ingredient of 5.8 % compared by 2.5 % of those who received a placebo. Provider agency Reviews, that difference was sufficient at the FDA requirements through a thin margin to do justice.