Costs and quantity given to the nearest hundred.

A) Chemical Entity b) BNF paragraph c) BNF paragraph d) BNF section e) BNF Chapter f) TotalThe data in the file for prescription numbers, costs and quantity given to the nearest hundred. However, we would recommend that all data the nearest thousand.for use, presented to the nearest thousand.

There are a very large number of preparations / associations / units in which only 50 Items or Less was waived in 2005. While accounting for just under 50 % the total number of preparations dispensed, such preparations covered less than 0.02 % of the total items dispensed. Therefore, in order keep the publication to a manageable size, such preparations have ruled. Information about these products may be obtained by contacting the address in paragraph 4.. PCA electronically2005 data are from the links below in two formats:a) Portable Document Formatb) Downloadable spreadsheet - Excel 5 or higher or Excel 5 in zipped format.In the PDF file, the number of prescription preparations for individual products, Howeverph 4.Contact Us:. Nikki Luscombe, Mount Sinai Hospital####Further highlights in the 21 Mar. JNCINOTE: This Journal of the National Cancer Institute be published by Oxford University Press and be not contact with a the National Cancer Institute. Attribution the journal of of the National Cancer Institute in the all report.

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