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ITEM: D Vijaykrishna et al. Long-term evolution and transmission dynamics of swine influenza A virus. Nature DOI: 10.1038/nature10004 .WHO: NIAID Director Anthony S. And Diane J. NIAID Influenza Surveillance and Transmission Program Officer.Source: Anne A.112, copay Consumer Protection Law - American Physical Therapy Association A win for patient of physical therapy, visited Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear signs symbol laws of consumer protection from excessively high copays for physical therapy. Senate Bill 112, sponsored by by public Sen. Tom Buford and called for by the Kentucky Physical Therapy Association and the Kentucky Occupational Therapy Association, has signed in the Act last Wednesday night.

The Kentucky Physical Therapy Association pushed hard for this legislation because we are looked for too long the harmful effects of that was excessive copays on patient care to costs includingper, president of KPTA. The financial consequences of undue copay amount that no an incentive for patient participate in physical therapy, contribute to a failure to lead for their care. This can lead to substantial recurrence or downstream costs, including another surgery, imaging and pharmacy. - Access to physical therapy services were by managed care businesses imposing specialty copays limited of $ 50 and sometimes as high as $ 75 a physiotherapy or occupational therapy visit to whereby the frequency and duration caring for a patient is able to on provide.