Disagree several lawyers on how the initiative concerned HIV / AIDS in Africa.

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WIRD Immer dankb long term relationshipograms cite achievements reach as the result PEPFAR financing of, disagree several lawyers on how the initiative concerned HIV / AIDS in Africa. After the Reg. / mail, some proponents has proposed that the initiative overemphasized abstinence from and religious based programs. Helen Epstein, an HIV / AIDS expert and consultant for the United Nations and World Bank, told PEPFAR focus on abstinence prevention efforts have infringed specific African cultural practices that hampered addressing the simultaneous long-term relationships. According to Epstein, PEPFAR may For greater efficiency if financing which the health systems strengthening than address a single sickness. Johanna Hanefeld, a researcher at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine , added that the Global Fund HIV exploited to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria more / AIDS programs to improving health care and education because they do not distribute resources amongst many several groups fighting. At Columbia many experts and lawyers contrary to PEPFAR and critic believe the initiative a sustained impact on that HIV / AIDS African. Marrow Dybul, U.S. Global AIDS coordinators, PEPFAR administered, said: In Africa, can not fight they history goals if you fight HIV / AIDS. According Dybul, initiative well as is a major supplier condom in several African countries, which shows that PEPFAR do not emphasize temperance entirely. It is the biggest international health initiative in the history for a single disease, Dybul said. Venter, who Venter, who leads a PEPFAR - program financed in the University of the Witwatersrand South African, because of its emphasis on measurable targets, PEPFAR different is. Ruxin Ruxin, Wizard professor of public health at Columbia University, said President Bush and his administration earn much more credit as a they received for launch PEPFAR. T[I] impossible, the results and successes of the PEPFAR denying the Ruxin adding that he hoped President-elect Barack Obama to continue the initiative, J. Their focus from temperance and provision of funds for Programmes with a prostitute and abortions. After AP / mail, supporters and critics alike, agree that preventive is the weakest point in of the global HIV / AIDS programs and longer weight of Future need to (Nullis, Reg. / Washington Post.