For low income Economic Stimulus Bill would increase the federal Medicaid funding see more here.

For low income Economic Stimulus Bill would increase the federal Medicaid funding; Republicans block Senate versionComments Rep. Frank Pallone have. After the house Appropriations Committee, included the additional funds for state Medicaid programs, the bill would 'prevent cuts to health insurance and health care for low-income children and families create and jobs, wages and jobs, wages and value added tax revenues that states not not otherwise see see more here . '.

Some editorials Address Pharmaceutical Companies ' Announcements Physician Payments DisclosureTwo newspapers recently published editorials addressing Eli Lilly and Merck releases in the past week that they publicly announced some fees for doctors from next year. Summaries of the editorials appear below. Bergen Record: 'On the surface, it is hard to dispute, 'the announcements of Lilly and Merck 'as attempts by public - spirited companies, to increase the transparency and consumers access to information that the quality of their health care 'but as support for the physician collects payments Sunshine Act , 'the announcements seem to be moving a little more than pre-emptive public relations, 'a record editorial. After shooting, the legislation 'significantly enhance patients. Giving them. Centralized, unified clearing house their easily determine what their doctor for what and by whom receive 'continues continues, 'there is controversy. Whether the reporting threshold should be $ 25, as a medical consumer groups demand, or $ 500, which favors industry. 'The editorial concludes, 'Limited voluntary disclosure by Lilly, Merck or other drug giant undercuts the integrity of the system, 'and added, 'The coverage must be as complete as possible the interests of patients are '(Bergen Record.

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