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Healed in Finland, France, Spain and Sweden, about 73 percent of patients with breast cancer, while the proportion less than 60 percent in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia. For prostate cancer, Slovenia and of men was cured more connected with the intensity of PSA testing activity than with the efficacy of treatments France led the way with more than 60 percent of men cured, while only 14 percent were cured in Denmark. This difference was mainly due to cases diagnosed earlier through the PSA test, prostate cancer and many of these would not have killed and might not even have given rise to. No symptoms of prostate cancer mortality, not fact higher in Denmark than elsewhere in Northern Europe. For breast cancer, the results showed a gap between Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, and Western European countries of about 10 percent part of this difference has been the introduction of breast cancer screening in the mid 1990s in several western European countries.

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