Founded in 1998.

Founded in 1998, Kitware has grown customers in over 43 countries and in 41 of the 50 U.S. States are Kitware team their important contributions their important contributions to a wide range. Open source software systems including the cross-platform build system CMake, the Visualization Toolkit , the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit , and the Parallel Visualization System .

About Kitware : visualization, computer vision, medical imaging, data publishing and quality software process. Through the use of open-source business and development models of the company expanded, promotes collaborative communities and provides flexible, cost-effective technical solutions for medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, government researchers, the oil and gas industry, computer aided design and manufacturing, aerospace, engineering and educational institutions worldwide... , Medtronic announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration having the approval and availability Attain Abilit left heart lead for use cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in heart failure patients. Attain skill has the slimmest of lead body of the left heart currently carrying Supplied, the doctors with a tool to delivered therapeutic right on inaccessible places of the heart. Attain capacity includes insulating material by the NASA Langley Research Center evaluates evaluated for aerospace, high-performance engines and harsh environments developing.