From the 456 women with low social network scores

From the 456 women with low 'social network 'scores, 80 women dementia dementia. Of the 1793 women with stronger social networks , 188 dementia dementia . 'The trial an honorable task that does the relationship of these variables,'said Deborah Newquist, director of geriatric services at Louisville, Kentucky-based ResCare, however, shown that the separation causes dementia could exaggerated case the study.ewquist which is not associated with the study. 'Our results show that it is important to have the means to try to reduce the amount of insulation people must think even those with families, 'Crooks said. 'It is also important for us to figure out what type of social support groups we can for people who are isolated on the basis of advanced age or lack of family to create. '.

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