Genzyme expects Renvela for dialysis patients in the U.

Start in the first quarter of next year, program,rovals in Europe, South America and other markets around the world followed. The company will continue Renvela to Renagel available, with the long term goal of the conversion patients. Renvela approval an important advance for patients with chronic kidney disease is, said Craig Langman, the Isaac A. Abt MD Professor of Kidney Diseases, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University.

Free, non of Renagel - is an important milestone in our efforts for innovation behalf of patients, said John P. President, Genzyme Renal. As we prepare to launch Renvela for patients on dialysis, we will move forward with regulatory filings, approval for for the product's use in earlier stages of chronic kidney disease, so that all patients may benefit from this treatment have access to it. .. Since its approval in 1998, Renagel an important difference an important difference for hundreds of thousands of patients all over the world Today's approval of Renvela.With the appearance of PSA[ prostate antigenic] screening of nearly 20 years ago, we are began to detect prostate cancer for much earlier in, explains at corresponding author Martin Sanda, director of the Prostate Cancer Center at BIDMC and Associate Professor of Surgical the Harvard Medical School. - Thus, when PSA testing, we could successfully start aggressive treatment is of high-risk tumors at an early stage, it have well in which diagnosis of cancers that are so small, they do not in any short-term hazard and may not have result long-term threat he added..

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