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Recognize, if we can, what is patients who seriously injure themselves that puts them at high risk for sexual dysfunction, then maybe we can intervene earlier in their hospital course. If depression or post-traumatic stress disorder are important contributors sexual dysfunction, may be possible to possible to reverse sexual dysfunction by treatment of these conditions. Alternatively, it may be possible to make depression or PTSD less severe by treating sexual dysfunction, Sorensen told.. The researchers from the University of Washington are not sure why sexual dysfunction can be a persistent problem for trauma patients. However suspected Sorensen, then perhaps we can psychological consequences of trauma and its consequences can be obtained.

General and decided a trauma surgeon at the University of Washington, the study after complaints of sexual dysfunction trauma patients trauma patients. Not ask the surgeons expect to find that sexual dysfunction is as widespread trauma patients, however, was. 'The prevalence of sexual dysfunction in this study was more common than we had expected. Total the sexual dysfunction in this study is about twice as high as in the studies of healthy patients. And for patients aged 50 years, the rate is about triple.This new safety concerns were to highlight the necessity a better system for drug evaluate before and after approval, says Dr Dhruv Kazi the London School of Economics.