HP vast network of value-added resellers is EHReady with site assessments.

HP vast network of value-added resellers is EHReady with site assessments, training, implementation and support services support services to hospitals and their affiliated physicians. HP is also the leading independent software vendors to. Customers with a choice of EHR applications HP is currently involved in an extensive ISV qualification and selection process.

Forward-Looking StatementsThe Company cautions that these statements are statements in this press release that are forward - not a description of historical facts in the future. These include statements regarding: the company's interpretation of the results of the Phase 3 clinical trial for Ketotransde; enough whether the results of the clinical trial is, together with all other clinical studies that may be required by the FDA, to provide a support 505 2 New Drug application submission, the potential indications for use for Ketotransde, : for the company's products and the Company's ability to successfully complete additional development activities for products utilizing its proprietary transdermal delivery platform.That CEO of Discusses Healthcare System, Role to the IndustryStock Rx.

Novartis CEO Daniel Vasella, in an interview with The New York Times, discuss problem with the U.S. Health care system, the role of pharmaceutical industry and other Thread.