Hultgren says.

Hultgren says, it should be much harder to develop for bacterial resistance to the mannoside.'Antibiotics have the bacterial cell the bacterial cell to kill it, 'Hultgren says. 'This gives the bacteria a number of ways to resist: cell walls cell walls, so it is harder for the antibiotic to get inside, or they can destroy the antibiotic after it is pump it back in or out of the cell mannosides bypass. These mechanisms of resistance, because they do not have into the cell. '.

'Most therapies are today in the cancer you can from, but to cure cancer, you must, after the cells responsible for the disease, just as we kill one weeds by their roots, not just the part go to the top floor, 'said Richard Jones, professor and director of bone marrow transplant at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. 'If you cut off the flower and stem of a dandelion, it may look like it died for a certain period, but the weeds will eventually grow back. When you get to the root, but not weed weed again. '.12 up call towards extinction, low fertilityThe first annual the White Paper on nation low fertility rate includes little new information, but nevertheless than as a wake-up call for the nation.

There is nothing particularly noteworthy in the data in the white paper the population and changes the population and changes in the birth rate results of the low birth, the expected social and economic consequences and response measures. V But the paper may sound warned that of the time of the knowledge of the issue of our society is are heading toward extinction instead to the most prosperous we would to establish for our children.