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In addition, the symposium will be the social science components in the implementation and scale-up of interventions by the positive results a clinical trial involved For example, male circumcision studies have shown success in preventing HIV acquisition, as we wish to discuss., there are significant cultural, social and behavioral considerations that that must be addressed if the intervention is to be implemented successfully, said Morin read more .

UCSF - GIVI CFAR is a multi-disciplinary, multi-campus program on translational HIV / AIDS research focuses CFAR mission is, a multi-disciplinary environment, basic research, clinical, epidemiological, behavioral, and translational research in the prevention, detection and treatment of HIV promotes supports infection and AIDS, while expanding the intersections of research between scientific disciplines. With UCSF CAPS is an interdisciplinary program national and international research focused on the acquisition of HIV to prevent health outcomes health outcomes in HIV-infected individuals CAPS achieves this through the collaboration of kernels to methods, technology and information sharing, policy and ethics, and built in international work.

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The the research-based pharmaceutical industrial even constantly your R & GB in for diseases the developing world. In 2005 IFPMA Clinical Trials members enterprises were Own on of 32 new medicine projects for Top 10 disease from the developing world, in this year they will to 75 such projects . Which research-based pharmaceutical branch the development of new drugs to the developing world is dedicated by the existence out of five companies R & D centers, are purely research into diseases which disproportionately affected the developing countries underlined.

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