In conclusion.

In conclusion, the authors propose several steps for better preparation , including additional training and resources to the state and federal level, an appropriate level of readiness to respond to a possible major radiation ensure emergency.

.. Thirty-eight state Health authorities in the survey part, including 26 or 31 countries with nuclear power plants Particular strengths noted at the state level included that the majority of states had a written radiation response plan and. Most plans include a detailed section for communication issues during a radiation emergency, the authors report. With little to no planning for public health surveillance to assess potential health impacts of a radiation event. Few reported that sufficient resources to do public health surveillance, radiation exposure, laboratory functions and other features. - The results of this assessment, that in many measures of public health capacity and capability, the nation ill-prepared to respond adequately to a major radiation emergency incident remains the authors write.A family physician from Tupelo, Mississippi, he was the chairman of the American Medical Association Board of Trustees of in 2002 and was president at the AMA in 2005. - Annotated today his appointment, he said: We face many challenges as an international body of physicians , the problems are very complex and is requires lot of commitment and hard labor we have counterparts and is an excellent and strong and dedicated HR to. We will we will achieve our goals. .

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