In one study of 96 men and their spouses or partners click here to see.

Emotional well-being cancer less worried about recurrence than their spouse youResearchers at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York have found when it comes to worrying about the recurrence of prostate cancer male patients male patients less than their wives or partners. The study was conducted at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine presented in Montreal click here to see . In one study of 96 men and their spouses or partners, Michael Diefenbach, associate professor of urology and oncology Sciences at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, noted that described at the time of diagnosis of prostate cancer, the male patients themselves overly concerned about the chance to repeat their disease, while their female spouses and partners described themselves as very much worried. We know that the illness perception and concerns about recurrence, the emotional well-being of the patients, but our research shows that this concern is actually a much greater stress on spouse or partner of this research influence can help the contact us Program develop. Partners health emotional health of of the of main whole family unit, said Dr. Diefenbach.

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