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.. Narayan said the next step will be to find ways to manipulate the cells ability to repair DNA and prevent tumor formation look.In the meantime, he is warning people to stop smoking, avoid especially teenagers. Epithelial cells, last year found teenage smokers are at especially high risk of developing breast cancer later in life, he said. Young people should realize that they are inhaling 4,000 chemicals, and these chemicals can damage to the body damage to the body, not just one of them breast cancer risk, but for so many other things, said Narayan. The consequence of these chemicals is not clear in a day or two days or months, it will take years and years to develop cancer Once the gene is damaged and sitting there, there will be some adverse effects later.

Are the winning plans from Multnomah County, Northeastern Minnesota, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Northern Virginia Multnomah County and Scottsdale, Arizona, were recognized for their local approach to community planning and integration of Both Northeastern Minnesota and Northern Virginia for for their plans for medical capability in the event of an influenza pandemic. 'We recognize the severe impact of an influenza pandemic would be to the nation and the importance of that prepared for such a disaster at the local level,'said AMA President Ronald M. 'We applaud these communities for their excellent plans and proactive efforts. '.As week 4, WHO and NREVSS laboratories tested for in the United States two thousand nine hundred eighty-six specimen of influenza virus of which 15 474 viruses, 297 were influenza A viruses have been no subtyped, to 85 was influenza B virus.