In this randomized study carried out in two sites in Ghana.

According to lead researcher, Prem Reddy, professor of biochemistry and director of the Fels Institute for Cancer Research at Temple University School of Medicine, most patients with CML, a rare but deadly form of cancer, typically develop resistance - to Gleevec, the most successful treatment for CML to date, in a few years of start of therapy.. In this randomized study carried out in two sites in Ghana, patients were eligible for enrollment, leukemia drug shows promise in overriding all Gleevec resistanceTemple University researchers have a new drug that could potentially treat to have developed all forms of Gleevec-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia .

Our drug acts like Gleevec but by blocking other part of the BCR-ABL protein, it can be combined with Gleevec to create synergy and when patients become resistant to Gleevec, our drug. Kills 100 % of the cancer cells, said Reddy.The broad development pipeline comprises a vaccine for travelers' diarrhea in Phase II , a Pseudomonas vaccine at Phase II, as well as Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Enhancement Patch be a partner southeast. Aureus vaccine into Phase II and four products of infectious diseases in preclinical development.