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.. Spanish Government Selects Novavax VLP technology for comprehensive solution Flu Vaccine In Spain Today's contemplated partnership with ROVI and the Spanish Government in financing the development and registration of VLP-based influenza vaccines in the European Union and may in other countries in other countries, including the United States supports. Through this partnership to provide the target influenza vaccines for all Spanish citizens from domestic production in 2012, Singhvi continued. Juan Lopez - Belmonte Encina, ROVI CEO, commented: The pandemic flu vaccine business is currently an important part of the strategy of ROVI, and to the company as to the company as one of the future growth drivers for the company in a new world of high technology and complex processes, but we are confident that our knowledge in this area along with Novavax extensive experience will enable us to fight on the front line against the devastating effects of influenza virus infection.

That it markets in Spain through its specialized sales force, called specialists, hospitals and pharmacies. ROVI 's portfolio of 23 principal marketed products is currently being anchored internally anchored second generation low molecular weight heparin, bemiparin. ROVI research and development pipeline is primarily line on addressing currently unmet medical needs by developing new LMWH - based products and expanding applications for its existing LMWH - based products. ROVI manufactures the active biological ingredient for its main proprietary product and product candidates and the injectable pharmaceutical products developed by its in-house research team and utilizes its state-of - the-art packaging technology capabilities provide a broad spectrum of contract manufacturing for leading international pharmaceutical companies, primarily in the area of pre-filled syringes..The significance of this finding will just be clear with longer clinical follow-up but can suggests that at increased risk at increased risk of developing dementia If yes results results to growing station complex are indications. Alzheimer's, begin for many years prior to onset of symptoms. .