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Clinical Testingpresented at the annual conference of the International Society for oncofetal Biology and Medicine BioCurex her results of blood tests for the early detection of cancer of the company RECAF test detected twice the amount of cancer than PSA, another widely used cancer screening test.The peritoneal cavity Type of of the dialysis treatment Differentiates Among the patients with kidney.

For comparison survival rates out of patients receiving hemodialysis and those of on peritoneal dialysis, Stephen McDonald, from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide, Australia, and his colleagues studied dates by 25,287 patients in the Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry that yet obtained dialysis Been 90 days of registry entry.

The researchers found out that death rates were substantially lower during the 90 day to 365 days of study among those who treatment with a peritoneal on the day the ninetieth However, this effect varies depending on the patient's age and health.