It is notable that a significant minority did not agree click to see full text.

While a majority of the public saying that they are confident in the ability of government to deliver antibiotics quickly to everyone in their city or town, it is notable that a significant minority did not agree click to see full text here . Almost two-thirds were confident that it. Adequate supplies of antibiotics for everyone in their city or town, they wanted to, but a third were not confident.

21 percentFinds Many Americans would Taking Recommended Antibiotics after Anthrax Attackhelp in a nationwide survey in planning efforts for public health responses aimed at a possible bioterrorism attack, researchers have found at the Harvard School of Public Health , in response to a fictional scenario describing a significant anthrax attack in their city or town, most Americans likely to follow public health recommendations to receive prophylactic antibiotics. However, a significant minority of antibiotics is likely pick up hold on to them, rather than take away which public health experts believe they can put at a higher risk of serious illness. Furthermore, 21 percent of Americans are not at all familiar with the term inhalation anthrax ', and another 25 percent hold the mistaken belief that inhalation anthrax is contagious - two factors that following following emergency instructions it meant protection against this biological. Has has been identified by government planners as a likely agent should have a future bioterrorist attack, and inhalation anthrax is a potentially fatal disease, the contract, when spores can be inhaled anthrax are. Public health experts believe antibiotics quickly quickly - maybe even before a person is sure they were exposed to anthrax spores or before symptoms of the disease occur - is the greatest likelihood of successful treatment.

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