Michael in the leg.

- Michael in the leg, Lawrence in the left buttock, but this plan was a bull gored in the middle of the excitement, both brothers at the same time ruined with each of his horns.

The first 12 hours after the bull attack were the scariest for Michael, but when doctors told him OK OK, he just wanted to know how he come home. He had already been a life-threatening event that required hospitalization, as long as he knew recover his leg, would it 'wasn? That big a deal. '.The second section containing the research project , the clinical application to the adult stem cell in rabbit, which previously induced of epithelial corneal lesion corneal corneal transparency of carry grafted. This is the pathology of that do not respond to a corneal transplant nor other conventional treatment of. Method of Dr. 60 percent used ndez Hortelano involved in Obtained this the cell type - the corneal stem cell - by means of of a biopsy of cells from the healthy eye of a rabbit. It is a small cell sample - Up to on 4mm - so which contrateral the eye not in danger. It will become mandatory the samples the sample order a larger number of cell, an expansion through the transmission the cultural to the amniotic membrane..

The adult stem cells be obtained , is implanted into the damaged the eye and thighs is regenerated, to the restoration of corneal epithelium and transparency of the the cornea that. The findings to Group rabbits reaches date, of induced limbic insufficiency of and the at that time transplantation of adult stem cells revealed recovery in the corneal epithelium at 60 percent of treated animals. The corneal epithelium the layer of by with limbic failure, a problem in the long run results to the opacity of of the cornea.