MRI is expensive.

We will continue to work prospectively with this issue, as we want MRI a standard preoperative treatment of breast cancer has become, together with biopsy, mammography and ultrasound.. MRI is expensive, but with results like this, it should be used as much as possible before the surgery, the scientists say, It will not only improve the surgical treatment, which was our main goal, but in the long run it reduce likely costs to the health system by us to determine exactly what needs to be addressed, and connected in any way recurrence recurrence of the cancer and the costs associated with the treatment, said Dr.

The. Scientists led a retrospective analysis of surgical outcomes. We have found that the changes in the surgical treatment was in 22 patients , not beneficial in 6 patients (2, and uncertain in 4 patients (1.6 percent , said Dr., said Dr. Martinez - Cecilia. the results showed us that MRI is the best imaging technique for the measurement of tumor size, is better than mammography or ultrasound. MRI frequently used in breast cancer preoperative staging these days, says Dr.thought it was important determine their effectiveness. Determine their effectiveness. .But, Mazanec States are underused, treatable, have proved Over the last 15 years, several pharmacological means of reducing risk of fractures in osteoporotic patient, writes Mazanec. It is clear, amplifies the growing number of efficacious therapeutic agents for osteoporosis that need for appropriate screening strategies order to identify drug candidates. .