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Develop. Conditions conditions for the different platforms as similar as possible, two different RNA samples were selected with a broad dynamic range of expression. 'We have shown that according to strict pre-processing of data, commercial arrays more consistent than ' in-house' arrays both for internal consistency and consistency with other platforms were,'Kuo said, 'and, by most measures, a dye platforms were more consistent than two - dye platforms. 'for the most part , the results were highly concordant with microarray QRT-PCR results, especially for highly expressed genes, but variable for genes with lower expression levels. Kuo also found when gene expression measurements from the same platformbut are performed in different laboratories produced, cross - laboratory variation were significantly smaller than cross-platform variations..

Dr. Guilbert speculates that the breast milk non-asthmatic mothers, certain factors that development of the lung lung development, citing several possible candidates including cytokines, tumor necrosis factor, epithelial growth factor, and prostaglandin contained. A cytokine, in particular TGF? related to elastin production, is important to the normal structure and function of the lungs. The dose of TGF? by by infants via breast milk has been shown to be related inversely to infant wheeze. - Interpret these findings suggest that growth factors in milk have to modify the potential development of the lung, which may explain some of the protective effect of breastfeeding against wheeze, wrote Dr. Guilbert.The majority of the treatments present prevent that lead to hormone or stress signals, the heart failure and high blood pressure.