* Only 53 % of childrens teeth brushed twice a day* 58 % rarely or never floss* 30 % drank in bed.

* Only 53 % of children's teeth brushed twice a day* 58 % rarely or never floss* 30 % drank in bed, a risk factor for dental caries.* In spite of low income, no fluorideof households used bottled water, the. Often little or no fluoride, as their sole source of drinking water* Although recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics that children have a first dental visit by their first birthday, had 59 % not seen a dentist aged 24 months.* Although pediatricians child at least 10 times by her second birthday, 24 % think the nurses not that her pediatrician ever on their child 's teeth..

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