Other members of the Mayo research team included Emily Barr Fritcher www.albuteroltablets.com.

Other members of the Mayo research team included Emily Barr Fritcher; Benjamin Kipp, Kevin Halling; Trynda Oberg, Sandra Bryant, Robert Tarrell; Gregory Gores, MD, Michael Levy, MD, Amy Clayton, and Thomas Sebo www.albuteroltablets.com here .

In this study, 498 patients were treated with an endoscopic procedure pancreatobiliary channel constriction and cell brushings. Brushes were then by routine cytology, digital image analysis and fluorescence in situ hybridization to the various tests to determine the effectiveness and sensitivity in the detection and diagnosis of cancer analyzed. While traditional cytology analysis relies on identifying abnormally shaped cells, the FISH test detects malignant cells using colored probes visible with a fluorescence microscope. Since cancer an abnormal an abnormal DNA amount, these cells by FISH show additional copies of the probes in comparison to normal cells. The Mayo team found that the combination of cytology and FISH increases the detection rate of bile duct and pancreatic cancer from 20 % to 43 %. 'Bile duct and pancreatic cancer are very difficult to diagnose,'says Lewis Roberts, Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist and the study's senior author. 'We were very pleased to see that the combination of FISH and cytology significantly improved our chances of diagnosing patients reliably The earlier we diagnose a patient, the better the types of treatment that that we can offer, early long-term survival after the treatment. '.

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