Our experiments will generate the highest resolution CNV catalog of the worlds population.

The new comprehensive map will be essential trying for studies genes in rare and common diseases identified. 'Our experiments will generate the highest resolution CNV catalog of the world's population. This initiative is also complement our and other efforts to sequence whole genomes,'said Dr. Stephen Scherer, Senior Scientist and Director, Center for Applied Genomics The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

In various diseases.itish and American academics Important new genomes partnership to catalog all common copy number variationsAn international team state-of - the-art, high-density microarrays and new computer algorithms are used to the detection of variants in improving human genome, involved in various diseases. The new systems are the foundation for Phase 2 of the Genome Structural Variation Consortium, which was founded in 2004 and structurally structurally variable regions in the human genome.We watched studies study. Us need a better understanding of which, modify like CNP and to change properties of on barriers to like these tiny particles are winning more often the air we breath, told Witzmann.. The research, in the September issue 2011 of the magazine Nanotoxicology released , focuses on the effect of low concentrations CNP exposure the cells, studies, we have kidney function nephron, a tubular structure having in the kidney, which makes the urine. The researchers found that the role of the CNPs in this part of of said body can be significant and may be serious.

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