~ Planned Parenthood Creates Bilingual tool to know are pregnant are pregnant.

~ 'Planned Parenthood Creates Bilingual tool to know are pregnant are pregnant, 'Marisa Trevino, Latina Lista: 'After the Guttmacher Institute, 54 percent of pregnancies among Latinas accidental ', meaning that most of them do not know they are pregnant - so do not try to prenatal care. Until they start showing symptoms, writes Trevino to tackle these problems, creating Planned Parenthood Federation Planned Parenthood Federation of America an online tool called 'Am I Pregnant? 'which is in English and Spanish. Widget asks the user questions as when they last had sex when contraception is used , and when she tried to become pregnant become pregnant destiny Lopez, director of Latino engagement for PPFA, said, 'in Latinas deserves every opportunity to help them manage their reproductive health and plan their families and planned Parenthood is the use of online tools involved, so that health information is and and timely '(Trevino, Latina Lista..

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