Rahul Kohli and colleagues focus on cytosine.

But far fromd Card ' in Your Genesin the human genome and the endowments of genes in other animals and plants are like a deck of poker cards with a 'wild card'that in a genetic sense an element of variety and surprise that a key role in life. That's what scientists describe in a review of more than 100 studies on the subject ACS Chemical Biology ACS Chemical Biology. - Rahul Kohli and colleagues focus on cytosine, one of the four chemical 'bases ', the alphabet that uses the genetic material DNA, to provide information on everything from hair and eye color, include the risk of certain diseases.

Discuss the many faces of cytosine, that there is such a game changer , and the biological processes to change their to change their identity realize remove something called an amine group of cytosine, for example, allows. Destroy foreign invaders such as viruses. Adding so-called 'methyl groups 'on cytosines acts as an on / off switch for genes. The authors say that these many faces of cytosine it different roles different roles true ' true 'wild card'status.'Critical era of visual development is birth, so that to take take away any obstruction the vision infant need to know that is a perfect vision, 'she said. 'Otherwise, the brain will not learn. '.

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