Senators introduce Bill To create pilot programs to catastrophic health care coverageSens.

Gordon Smith and Ron Wyden on Thursday a bill that would create several pilot projects to allow States uninsured population health plans basic care primary care with catastrophic coverage for people with high out-of-pocket healthcare costs, CQ HealthBeat reports provide offer. The bill would establish six pilot projects, for which states may apply by HHS. At least two projects would be a 'hybrid'health insurance, primary and preventive care coverage with high-deductible catastrophic coverage would combine. Private health insurers could sell to to both uninsured individuals and small businesses. Help at least two other projects would privately insured out out-of-pocket costs exceed $ 500 annually. J.he bill would for the gradual for the gradual subsidy of plan premiums for workers with incomes below 200 % of the federal poverty level.

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