So there was nothing suggesting that the common ancestor of humans

'Previous studies indicated that the methods for breaking left-right symmetry in animals appear very different, so there was nothing suggesting that the common ancestor of humans, snails and other bilateral organisms a common strategy for the links-right asymmetry was said NIPAM H . UC Berkeley professor of integrative biology and of molecular and cell biology, snails thattigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. 'In fact, scientists thought that one of the genes that establishment establishment of left-right vertebrate asymmetry was only in vertebrates and related groups and not in any other animals,'said UC Berkeley postdoctoral fellow Cristina Grande. 'But we found that gene in snails, which a lot of evolutionary implication. This cellular pathway was present already in the ancestors of most animals. '.

The findings, the researchers say, could help to track down the root cause the symmetry-breaking in snails and other organisms, and the cascade of gene activation to complex shapes, such as coiled shells leads.

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